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Colorado School of Mines Subsurface Frontiers Building

Golden, Colorado $95,000,000155,189 SF

More than 120 USGS scientists will co-locate with School of Mines faculty and students into the state-of-the-art research and teaching facility. Building features a high-performance computing and visualization laboratory, Research labs and education spaces to support the study of geology, geophysics, hydrology, mineral economics and public policy

Texas A&M University Innovation Learning Classroom Building

College Station, Texas $55,400,000116,264 SF

The New $55 million learning facility is designed to support the University’s mission to meet the teaching and learning needs of their growing campus population, as well as promote community enrichment and build a culture of excellence. Building offers more than 2,200 classroom seats across active learning classrooms, teaching arenas, tiered classrooms, and traditional large lecture hall.

Baylor University, Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation

Waco, Texas $79,000,000298,169 SF

The Foster Campus expanded the size of the business school by 40 percent in order to increase opportunities for student and faculty collaboration across areas of business, science and technology. The building features a highly collaborative and sustainable business environment, , including the Financial Markets Center and a variety of active-learning and traditional classrooms.

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